What makes bartending one of the trending career options in India!

Thinking of a thrilling career option where your creative skills would be admired with high importance? Then without any ado, Bartending can be a worthwhile career, where not only can you earn more, but you have loads of job opportunities in the area.
By aiming at the long-term abilities and experiences you need to achieve, you will enhance your options and allow yourself to manage in today’s messy working world. Not only that, but a bartending career also offers you so many facets, and each facet has its own set of flexible life and job skills. With time it has become one of the most diverse and fascinating careers in the hospitality industry. And now, there is an intensified wave observed in hotel management graduates opting for a profession in bartending. Out of numerous career choices in hospitality, Bartending is one of the most promising choices.


What is Bartending?

Bartending is one of the most eclectic and fascinating careers in the hospitality industry. Bartenders not only engage you in good conversations but at the same time also raise your spirit.

A bartender is a specialist who prepares specialised mocktails, cocktails, and hard drinks in a restaurant or bar. They are extroverts with delightful nature and attractive personalities. In this new age of urban social life, bartending as a career has come into public interest.

Bartending as a Profession
Indeed, Bartending as a profession is exciting. Apart from the excitement, bartenders need to stay updated with the latest trends and tricks. Because in the end, it is the behaviour and skills of a bartender that play a crucial role in attaining greater heights in this profession.

With the growth in the food and beverage industry, new bars, hotels, and pubs are flourishing all over several parts of the country. So, there is never a shortage of opportunities in this career. Here is all you need to know about Why bartending is one of India’s trending career options and much more.

Go Anywhere with an unmatched knack.
If you have the passion and hunger to explore, this profession is apt for you and your cravings for new experiences. One of the benefits of being a bartender is that you are not destined to one particular location for your job. Bartending permits you to travel the world and go on voyages. Wouldn’t it be overwhelming to spend one season in a pub and the next on a cruise ship? Attending BarWizard Bartending Courses can take you around the world.

Meet a lot of NEW people
Bartending is an exceptionally social profession that offers you an innumerable number of memories. Not only with the people in the team, you work with but also with people behind the bar who share their amazing stories. There must be a good sense behind people saying that bartenders are great therapists!

Enhance Self-Confidence
If you want to become more than a drink-mixing artist and treat the patrons with nothing but the best, then a bartending job will certainly give you a better crash course in self-confidence. Sticking to the job roots is normal but staying close to the traditional approach and adding a special twist is where one would thrive. No matter what, you must be ready to manage any behaviour, order, or confession with confidence, power, and grace.

Supreme Flexibility
Regardless of its odd working hours, surprising situations, and chaotic pace, bartending will give you a broad range of choices. Moreover, unlike other jobs which restrict your hourly remuneration, bartending gives you far superior control as you can work as per your flexibility and earn high, along with the fascinating aspect of tips you get.

Abundant Job Opportunities
There are abundant career choices in bartending, from the hospitality sector to the food and beverage services. Bartenders are not only welcomed in restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, cruise ships, and more. Private businessmen also appoint them to manage the bar at their gatherings and events. India has a flourishing hospitality industry with ample space for growth and given below are the Career options in Bartending:

  • Cocktail Caterers
  • Liquor Brand Ambassador
  • General Manager of a Bar
  • Corporate Beverage Manager for chain hotels and restaurants
  • Beverage Consultant
  • Barprenuer
  • Wine and Spirits Merchandiser
  • Cocktail & Alco Beverage Caterer
  • Mixologist

Wrap up
Overall, we have covered all the sections that help you know why bartending is the best career in India. With all the benefits of bartending, why would you want to go somewhere else? However, when it comes to the bartender, you can make people high without reaching for one [pun intended] is the real talent that makes this work more and more enjoyable and appreciated.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to choose Barwizard and start learning. Once you finish the course, you won’t regret the option and will start making money in your new job soon. So, enjoy your new profession, whether you need some more cash or choose to make a full-time bartender. BarWizard Bartending school gives you a thoughtful advantage when looking for a job in the hospitality industry by teaching you the basics tricks in a controlled environment. Click here to learn more about bartending courses.

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