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What we do?

BarWizard Consultancy work in three specific disciplines within our bar consultancy services: our turnkey solutions for bar designing & consultancy, our hospitality recruitment & training design and brand consultancy services

Bar Designing & Consultancy

BarWizard Consultancy work harmoniously with architects and operators to create a brand identity that goes beyond four walls; it flows through every drink served turning a winning design concept into an award winning bar. From call to cocktail, BarWizard pride them selves on guiding their clients every step of the way; whether you require a business plan or a concept, customized bar training programs, cocktail and drinks menu, wine list development or formulation and implementation of systems or a sensational marketing plan.

Keeping in mind the architectural aspect and optimum space utilization the layout of the bar needs to be clearly defined at inception rather than during the course of construction. The fact that the bar is the major revenue generating area, this necessitates that it be designed in compliance with the Sale achieved per square feet showing that the maximum profit for every feet is being utilized. It needs to be ensured that the plan is in accordance with service and is beneficial for optimum staff performance during operations. We provide service to entrepreneurs / organizations in all aspects of bar designing, layout & commissioning of equipment.

Business Plan & Concept Planning

An in-depth analysis of all aspects of the market / survey, to come up with a Power Concept that holds the product and turns into a legend of its own, hence preventing it from fizzling out like others. Business planning with all logistics and Concept planning is in compliance with market trends and is aimed at positioning the outlet in the market as a trendsetter. Concepts are developed by means of location, name, décor, cuisine, entertainment style, staff etc. Development of a storyline as per the project is crucial to keep the concept running in the mind of the customer.

Equipment & Product Procurement

BarWizard will advice on the procurement of essential equipment, glassware and bar tools required to fulfill the potential of the program and look at your current purchasing deals. We will bring in different vendors and quotations without compromising on quality.

Procurement – Brands and Suppliers

Our aim will be to leverage our industry relationships with key suppliers and brands to introduce and forge these relationships with your business. Our aim will be to establish a thorough beverage program and drinks menu ensuring that we have the right support from the most relevant suppliers and brands.

Menu Design & Cost Strategy

We propose to select and create a thought provoking and innovative drinks menu, inc; beers, wines and spirits, soft drinks, non-alcoholic cocktails, classic cocktails and signature cocktails. We would also create the drinks recipes and lay out the written standard recipe sheet along with costs & story line concepts for print, again working closely with YOU to execute the brand and standards throughout yet taking a practical profit minded approach to cocktail and menu design.

Wine, Single Malts and Cocktail bars, are no longer a trend but a dominate force in the international bar scene.

Modern bartenders are like artisans or "chefs of mixology".

Under bar Systems Design and Build

Bar Wizard offer a turnkey solution for designing and building cost effective and highly efficient operational stainless steel bar systems, designed by bartenders for bartenders.

Formulation of Systems

BarWizard offers to put systems in place for your bar to operate successfully. We ensure high quality standard operating and cost control procedures.

  • Operational systems:Standard operating procedures & service manuals for each aspect of service (from how to receive a guest to the procedure of settling a bill).
  • Beverage specifications: Itemized list of Standard recipes, Procedures, Garnishes, Glassware, Service style, Presentation and Cost Analysis.
  • Inventory & Controls: A proper & effective format of all inventories to ensure correct Recipe Portioning & controlling of Beverages & Food to maximize the profitability and minimize pilferage & spoilage.
Recruitment &Training Program Design

Our team works harmoniously with your management team with recruitment and selection services, to tailor your staff requirements and training program to the needs of the business and values, team and brand; we research, design, write, prepare, implement and maintain our client’s in-house training manual.

Staff Training and Development

Whether your aim is to develop your current team or to train your new recruits, our programs are designed specifically to suit. We offer comprehensive skills development programs (technical and soft) that incorporate a program designed for initial and on-going monitoring, training, and validations.

BarWizard Brand Consultancy Services

BarWizard has a team of creative bartenders and trainers who are passionate about bar and drinks. We pride ourselves on being experts in the business of drinks, the brands, the trade and the categories and work with some of the largest and smallest brands in the trade. We conduct inspirational and thought provoking training programs for national and international brands.

We are experts in designing mouth-watering cocktails and inspirational and educational training and offer bespoke training programs to drinks and lifestyle brands.

Our services for Brand Consultancy:

  • Tasting Workshops and Forums
  • Spirit and Brand Master classes
  • Brand Demonstrations and Seminars
  • Exhibitions and Presentations
  • Bar Competitions
  • Cocktail and Brand Photography

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